Time and Date: SAT 10/12 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

About the Panel

Games are for everyone, a fact we all agree on. And that means they need to be made with mobility, hearing, vision and/or cognitive needs in mind. This is a panel bringing together those with the need to play, and those with the need to create ways for those with needs working on accessibility features in games. This panel addresses current needs, speculates on future needs and features a very special guest Dad of War himself David Giles, wSenior Managing Producer (Art) on the famously inclusive God of War, the Dad of War himself.


  • Giselle Rosman [Director, IGDA Melbourne]
  • Humphrey Hanley [Creative Director, Freelance]
  • Joshua Taig [Gamer, Youtube]
  • David Giles [Executive Producer, Tantalus Interative]
  • Meghann O’Neil [Games Writer, Freelance]